jet black long hair dancing

with the wind

red luscious lips as delicious

as cherries

hands with a goddess 

like talents

are threats to the witches…

"fear that lady!" said the gods

paint brush , canvas and pencils 

her strongest soldiers

trees and does and lions

like cavalries ,they don’t

know how to kneel , nor fall

"beware! you witches!" said the gods

for she will slay you 

with no mercy , no hell

will listen as you call..

last night 

i was staring at the sea

like I could reach the line 

between salty water

and rocky mountain

i can almost taste

the fresh breeze

the fine sand snuggle

in every cuts of my feet

i was put in a trance

for a moment

and then i realized

i was thinking about charlie…

and all i can feel is pain-

© T H E M E