It’s been a while tho-

I am not afraid of your darkness

I used to wear white dress and white shoes 

I,somehow ,remember how to handle  depressed and anxious


I don’t like hiking and camping 

But I can play the guitar and ukulele ,

You can sing along and sit under the night sky with me

I can walk for a thousand miles ,as long as our hands are clasp together 

I hate it when you smoke , but i love the smell of your breath and face

I love the fact that you like me ,

But I remember you said you don’t like “kids”

I really wonder why you find it hard to believe that I love you..

Though I said “I understand..”  , I am sorry I lied.

I am so happy ,yet I can feel pain

Pain that is determined and demanding to ache

You’re ready and I am not 

You already accepted the fact that one morning

When we open our eyes , I am just a part of your yesterday

I don’t know how you will tell “her” our stories, happy memories like what you have said.

Truth is , I don’t want to know , I am jealous.

Accept the fact that I love you , I loved you and will always love you.


I looked across and fell inlove.

Bree ,

I wrote a poem for you , I know for you this is a crap because you’re smarter than me .. but hey compared to Charles you are nothing , so just appreciate this:

"I miss your eyes - like unstirred water it is so calm
I miss your stupid laugh- like a baby’s touch it is so warm
I wish I can sing you a song , like what the fairies do to the princess
Let you fall asleep in my arms , like a
Harmless lion in the forest
I wish I can make you forget all your worries
And give your tired soul a sweet rest
I wish I could give you a hug to make
Your bones shiver less in cold
Because I know your body is kinda getting old
I wish I can annoy you now so I can see your stupid face frown
Because I love it when you curse me
And put your head down.

I miss you a lot, Bree.
See you soon.

PS: do not eat chips. Eat bananas instead , it will keep you sane.

Your annoying twin,


You lie , I cry
I can’t believe it’s over now
You’ve been on my mind
God only knows you’re the only
One that I want
Will you ever know how it feels
To be broke like this ?
Why can’t you forget your past
And simply be mine
Give me another chance
I can walk for a million miles
Just to show you this love is true - this time around
I am worthy , if you will just let me be
I know it ain’t easy giving up
Your heart , but atleast give me one chance
Adam , can’t we just try?

Dear you …

I dont wanna get involve
There is a deep river between
Your soul and my soul
I dont wanna get involve
So I will just stay away from
Your shadow
And just forget pacing the every corner
Of the street of your
Own stories
You are non sense and I am dense
How could that be  ? Darling..
I dont wanna get involve
Let me be free from your
Labyrinth of thoughts and glory
I dont wanna get involve.

When L realise , it is E
But E does not know L
Still L wrote “Dear You” for E
But E does not know L..

He who does not know my name

As I walk on the street
Where most of the people
Are wearing black
I saw a tall man with
A big bag on his back
Among the haze ,
I can clearly see his face
With thick eye brows and
Cheenky eyes that makes
His face beautiful than all of
The jacks..
A hair that covers the half of
His forehead , his nose
That makes a woman’s cheek
Red whenever he sniffs
His face is getting clearer
As he gets closer to my eyes
I hold my breath as he pass by
I tried to catch his lovely eyes
But the gravity pulls my body
Down hard to the ground
This lovely gentleman just pass by me
He passed by me , and that is enough
For he does not know my name
He just pass by me and that is enough..

Your eyes speak the words
That my heart can’t utter
My lungs are pressed
Whenever I feel your breath
On my tiny shoulder
Darling , don’t get too close
You might burn your wings
And will never let you falter…

Woke up early today
I talked to my friend named M
I told him ,
“If a child throw a shining ball of mud on your face it will not hurt a lot , unlike if a child throw a gold bar or uncleaned diamond stone on your face you’ll bleed.. “
I also told him ,
“Stones can be covered with muds too , thick muds sometimes , so if a child throw a stone covered with mud on your face , you’ll think this will never hurt you- will hurt you but not that much tho , but the time it hits you in the face , you bleed and you will realize it is not a shining ball of mud , but a hard stone covered with mud.”

these thoughts, I forgot how they came to me..

the time etched these memories

under my skin

the wind take my soul away

far , too far for me to find it again

i tried to look back 

but i think it’s too late

there’s only gold leaves

and stones and foot prints .. 

dear you ,

how can i say these three little words to you?

everytime i try to utter these words , i fail

your smile and eyes makes my mouth swallow its own tongue

my heart pounds like a strong man’s drill

your shadow makes me stop from breathing

then i faint , the next thing i know

i am dead…



© T H E M E